Vote for Bacon! Red, White, and Blue Freedom Amazon Tshirt

Vote for Bacon
Go Red, White and, Blue! Vote for Bacon!

Are you taken with bacon and love pig butts and cannot lie? Do you LOL like 3x at funny election jokes and quotes? Do you want a better candidate than a democrat, republican, libertarian, independent, or giant meteor in 2016?

Crispy and chewy bacon strips, bacon pancakes, BBQ bacon on the grill, and bacon-wrapped EVERYTHING are irresistible and super delicious thanks to the magic of bacon chemistry. With this funny, clever, and classic bacon lover t-shirt you will be dressed for success at the voting booth in the USA!

Each politically savvy, fun-loving, bacon-addict t-shirt also makes the perfect treat for cooking yummy pig butts in the oven, as a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift for your favorite carnivorous high school political science teacher, or as an epic DIY bacon gift basket accessory for a DC-based, inside-the-belt-way, pork-loving friend.

This funny tee is also a super-fun goodie for a hilarious ‘Merican birthday present, a summer happy hour BBQ, International Bacon Day, el Dia del Tocino, National Bacon Lovers Day, a bacon, beer, and bourbon festival, the U.S. National Presidential Elections, or any other gift-giving celebration or holiday throughout the year.

Nature’s greatest miracle in the greatest country in the world is freedom of speech with cured and smoked bacon, and awesomely captured in this Amazon t-shirt for you or for that special bacon-addicted friend, relative, or elected representative.

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