Make American News Fake Again


Do orange lies and alternative facts got you down America? Trump the media hate by making American news fake again–really fake. America deserves to read on a weekly basis about pregnant three-breasted sasquatches and alien homosexual robot politicians. Persist, keep marching, and put fake news in its place with this LOL political action t-shirt for cool chicks and six-pack centric man cave dudes. Make American news fake again with this funny tshirt.

The white Futurama supermarket tabloid font on the real fake news design presidentially declares: “MAKE AMERICAN NEWS FAKE AGAIN”. A throwback newspaper logo is placed on top of this parody protest rally cry for freedom of speech that states: “WE WANT MORE BOOZE” and “January 20, 2017” and “NO CENTS USA”. The media and Bat Boy are not the enemy.

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