Remember the Cant? Remember the Rants in 2020

Who plays a more dangerous game of politics,  Avasarala or Trump?

Digital diplomacy is not the answer. A scifi mashup radical political t shirt for dissenting protesters who lover their country called America. Humor always trumps orange tumang Dotard Covfefe in the Belt and in the expanse beyond.

Make America remember again that tweetstorms are not leadership. Repeal, replace and impeach with this epic protest design.

Make American News Fake Again


Do orange lies and alternative facts got you down America? Trump the media hate by making American news fake again–really fake. America deserves to read on a weekly basis about pregnant three-breasted sasquatches and alien homosexual robot politicians. Persist, keep marching, and put fake news in its place with this LOL political action t-shirt for cool chicks and six-pack centric man cave dudes. Make American news fake again with this funny tshirt.

The white Futurama supermarket tabloid font on the real fake news design presidentially declares: “MAKE AMERICAN NEWS FAKE AGAIN”. A throwback newspaper logo is placed on top of this parody protest rally cry for freedom of speech that states: “WE WANT MORE BOOZE” and “January 20, 2017” and “NO CENTS USA”. The media and Bat Boy are not the enemy.

Trump Up the Volume Deal with America Funny Election Hangover Tshirt

Trump Deal with it Meme
Trump Deal with it Meme

Do you or someone that you love have a U.S. election hangover? Trump up the volume. Trump up the volume. Trump up the volume. You could be suffering from Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD).

Regardless, just DEAL WITH IT America or move to Canada!

Merica, Murika, Merica has voted for change so that’s why Obamacare won’t be repealed! Because ‘Merica that’s why. Let freedom ring with taco trucks on every corner. All citizens will LOL at this clever and epic post-election reality tee. Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats who enjoy popular Internet memes, and maybe Obamacare, will appreciate this patriotic reality tv shirt.

All legal and even illegal folks will LOL at this clever and epic post-election reality tee. Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats who enjoy popular Internet memes, and maybe orange cotton candy hair, will appreciate this patriotic reality tv shirt as well.

The classic deal-with-it, black-and-white Internet meme 8-bit pixelated sunglasses are ever so carefully over an orange-colored caricature of the 45th President of the United States, The Donald Trumpster. The antiquated Electoral College has spoken.

The black Impact font declares: DEAL WITH IT. And deal with China, Mexico, building a wall, hell toupee, lawsuits, and dat campaign promise con artist stuff.

The Truck is Parked and Full of Tacos Funny Political Trump Tshirt

Taco Trucks at Night
The Truck is Parked and Full of Tacos. Thank God.

Enjoy funny political mashup t-shirts that come in multiple color choices and in comfortable sizes for men and women on every corner in the USA who love trucks, tacos, laughter, and a Game of Thrones! Each 2016 U.S. election design is printed on the front of the tee. The trumped-up white Gothic medieval font bloviates: THE TRUCK IS PARKED AND FULL OF TACOS. The graphic displays a friendly neighborhood taco truck profile with one yummy taco design on its side. Support Mexican food with this funny tee!

Winter is Coming? Tacos are Coming Warns the Mangled Apricot Hellbeast

Taco Trucks on every Corner
The Man Who Passes the Salsa Should Not Be Ignored.

Power-hungry, trumped-up, deplorable basket-case political candidates got you down? Can you say: “The night is dark and full of bull crap”? Yes? Then this Amazon tee is for you!

This funny ‘Merican shirt makes a perfect meme gift for a unique birthday present, the U.S. National Elections, a clever epic fantasy Halloween costume idea, the Christmas season, or for any other celebration throughout the election year.

The best political quote in the Americas is perfectly captured in this t-shirt for you or for that Mexican-food aficionado who loves their tacos on every street corner.