Bacon Strips Go to Eleven Funny Heavy Metal Bacon T-Shirt


Do you love funny bacon puns, memes, and sayings? Everybody amps up to eleven with funny bacon tshirts for guys and gals! Enjoy super funny one-of-a-kind bacon rock-n-roll tshirts for folks who love pig butts, parody heavy metal, druids, Stone Henge, and humor.

Funny Bacon Valentine’s Gifts for Guys


Is bacon your Valentine, your Eternal Love? Everybody loves bacon strips and more bacon strips especially on February 14. Bacon is my Valentine! Enjoy funny bacon shirts, stickers mugs and funny romantic gifts for that very special best friend forever kissy nom nom sweetheart.


Bacon is my Spirit Animal | Bacon is my Valentine | Funny Greeting Card

My Spirit Animal - Bacon is my Valentine Card


Bacon is my Valentine! Show your eternal love for the porkiest perfection on the planet with this funny bacon greeting card for Valentines Day. Chewy and crispy bacon strip eaters will love this heartfelt LOL gift. Be a best friend forever (BFF) on February 14 with sizzling bacon adoration!

  • Dimensions: 5 inch length by 7 inch width (portrait)
  • Semi-gloss paper at 110 lb, 12.5 point thick
  • Smudge-free writing with matte finish inside greeting card
  • Standard white envelope included


Vote for Chewy and Crispy Bacon in 2016 and Beyond

Crazy political candidates got you down this year?

Vote smart, vote right–vote for crispy and chewy bacon strips and mohr bacon strips with this funny and classy American election tee.

Forget about Gary Johnson, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the Giant Meteor, and Bernie Sanders. This awesomely funny tee makes the perfect gag gift for a unique birthday, a fun graduation, a BBQ bacon festival, the U.S. National Elections, National Bacon Lovers Day, International Bacon Day, El Dia Del Tocino, the Christmas season, the Fourth of July, or any other red-blooded, gift-giving occasion throughout the year. Because ‘Merica and Bacon that’s why.

Crispy and Chewy Bacon Election Tee Image
Crispy and Chewy Bacon Election T-shirt