Remember the Cant? Remember the Rants in 2020

Who plays a more dangerous game of politics,  Avasarala or Trump?

Digital diplomacy is not the answer. A scifi mashup radical political t shirt for dissenting protesters who lover their country called America. Humor always trumps orange tumang Dotard Covfefe in the Belt and in the expanse beyond.

Make America remember again that tweetstorms are not leadership. Repeal, replace and impeach with this epic protest design.

Demand Science Fact-based Coffee Mug

Protect our precious green environment of Mother Earth through science marches in Washington and with freedom of speech! Trump alternative facts! Climate change matters!
March for science with this epic protest design to communicate the importance of facts about climate change and global warming.
Stand up for science! Enjoy a unique patriotic science gift for American citizens who understand climate change statistics, drink coffee, and love cool science experiments!
Also a super fun design for mechanical engineers, maker tinkerers, chemistry majors, STEM teachers, physics fans, and biochemistry lovers.

Make American News Fake Again


Do orange lies and alternative facts got you down America? Trump the media hate by making American news fake again–really fake. America deserves to read on a weekly basis about pregnant three-breasted sasquatches and alien homosexual robot politicians. Persist, keep marching, and put fake news in its place with this LOL political action t-shirt for cool chicks and six-pack centric man cave dudes. Make American news fake again with this funny tshirt.

The white Futurama supermarket tabloid font on the real fake news design presidentially declares: “MAKE AMERICAN NEWS FAKE AGAIN”. A throwback newspaper logo is placed on top of this parody protest rally cry for freedom of speech that states: “WE WANT MORE BOOZE” and “January 20, 2017” and “NO CENTS USA”. The media and Bat Boy are not the enemy.

Bacon Strips Go to Eleven Funny Heavy Metal Bacon T-Shirt


Do you love funny bacon puns, memes, and sayings? Everybody amps up to eleven with funny bacon tshirts for guys and gals! Enjoy super funny one-of-a-kind bacon rock-n-roll tshirts for folks who love pig butts, parody heavy metal, druids, Stone Henge, and humor.